Existing Investor - Invest without PIN

Only existing investors with PAN updated in their folio can make online purchase without password.

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Dividend Option is renamed as IDCW (Income Distribution cum capital withdrawal Plan)

Investors are requested to take note that, when Sale price (NAV) is higher than Face Value of the unit, a portion of NAV which represents realized gains is credited to an Equalization Reserve account and which will be used to pay dividend (IDCW). Investors may note that Under IDCW (earlier known as Dividend) Option, certain portion of their capital (Equalization Reserve) may be distributed as dividend (IDCW).


Please note that Schemes do not assure IDCW and any of its sub options and the IDCW is subject to the availability of distributable surplus, if any, in the schemes and at the discretion of the AMC and Trustee Company.